Welcome To SWFC
Welcome To SWFC Welcome To SWFC

It is my pleasure and honuor as the Sliema Wanderers FC captain , to be the first to address the viewers and supporters of our beloved club trough the new website.

First of all I would like to congratulate all off those who participated in the making of the website , and also I fully encourage all of you to stand beside us , so together we can achieve what all of us are after , I know that at the moment things does not look so bright , but sure things are going to change for the better and together with your help and support we will be where we deserve to be , so ones again I urge all of you to keep on giving your full support ,in these difficult times , so ones again  together , we can climb the table , kuragg blues.

Believe is what makes us stronger.
Mark Scerri
Sliema Wanderers FC

Mark Scerri - SWFC Captain
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