Welcome To SWFC
Welcome To SWFC Welcome To SWFC


First off all,  I would like to congratulate all of you for the great effort in creating this fantastic website which is an excellent showcase opportunity for the most glorious football club of the Maltese Islands.

Thanks to the dedication of our members, all our information and events are now readable to the supporting public, even to those of you who for some reason or another cannot always be behind the team due to other commitments. Now, thanks to this website you all can get the opportunity to follow up close the progress of our remarkable team. It is truly an honour for me bringing this great news to all of you on such a special occasion.  

These are rough times for our team and I am certain that many of you, especially those who do not have the opportunity to follow closely, are not too happy with the current situation. I can assure you that I too partake in this feeling of disappointment and feel at times somewhat responsible, however it is very important to understand that this is a time of change, and inevitably change may bring with it some degree of instability. We are aiming to build a team of young players, most of who have been brought up from the Sliema Nursery, which is a very promising step forward.

One must be patient as obtaining the desired result takes much time and hard work. It is hard for me to live up to your expectations since I am aware that you are used to being consistently triumphant. I shall dedicate myself to this aim whole heartedly because I am convinced that with the strength, the help and diligence of the committee this project shall flourish. As you know we have also had to face some unfortunate events which were beyond our control such as the departure of certain players  and the unfortunate injury of certain members of the team. .

This has made our mission a harder task to achieve, albeit there have  been a series of satisfactory plays, which for us is a positive thing , considering what we have been through. However we have battled against all odds with strength and this will keep up going until our dreams and aspirations are fullfiled.  

Lastly, I would like to urge you all to give your full  support so that together we can reach our objectives. I truly wish that all the members of this club adopt a positive and constructive attitude towards our aims because I believe that we are all working towards a common good.  

I wish you all the very best this festive season and a prosperous new year for you and your families.

Yours truly,

Mark Marlow
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